Oct 4, 2022 • 16M

Episode 04: Not a Quid-Pro-Quo God

Grace, that elusive gift

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Deidre Braley
When we skip the small talk, we find the magic.
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Are you trying to do life apart from God? Has it been a day? A season? Years? Your whole life? Is it because that’s what you really want? Because you don’t believe in him, or you don’t like him, or you don’t need him?

Or are those just the stories that you have told yourself about God because you are too scared to sit in his presence and face the terrible prospect that he would see you, know you, and reject you?

Spoiler alert - he won’t.


Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning. Buy this, but first buy the prequel, The Ragamuffin Gospel. Read it. Let it change you. Pass it on.

Exodus 32 - 34

John 10